Vietnam Memorial State Park, Angel Fire NM
Hawk team on QL-1, Veitnam, Spring of 1969
Jack in front of field hospital,Bin Dinh Province, South Vietnam.
Jack Leebron

Jack Leebron grew up in a small western Oklahoma town and many of his values stem from that small town life.  He graduated from Colorado Academy High School in Denver, however, and started college at Colorado State University.  The short college stay was interrupted by an enlistment in the Army in 1968 during the Vietnam conflict.  Jack served with the Special Forces and the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam for a year and a half.  After the service, Jack went back to Southwestern Oklahoma State University from where he graduated.  They moved to Houston, Texas, and he was an industrial water treatment chemist.  From there, he was moved to Corpus Christi, Texas.  A new job teaching doctors about soft contact lenses moved the family to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Desiring to get back to Western Oklahoma, several jobs caused a realization that something had to be better.  With a wife and two children at the age of 30, Jack worked his way through Oklahoma City University Law School.  He was in the private practice of law in Oklahoma and Colorado from his graduation from law school in 1982 until he joined Seattle based long-term care company as General Counsel in 1998.  Since 2003 Jack has been the Senior Vice President, Legal Services until a merger, then Vice President, Legal Services until his retirement from the largest long-term care company in the U.S. located in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Jack retired in March of 2016 to return to private practice and a slower life in Columbia, Tennessee.  Jack is still licensed to practice in Washington, Colorado, Tennessee and Oklahoma. 

Mike Leebron, SHRM-CP  - Paralegal

Mike Leebron, paralegal, grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma.  The son of Jack Leebron, Mike has followed his dad through many days and nights in the mountains.  He, like his dad, loves the outdoors.  After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma, Mike became a police officer of ten years and worked his way up to being a sergeant.  Mike loved being a policeman, and was fond of saying that he always wanted to be a super-hero, and police work was as close as he could get.  An unfortunate accident injured his knee, and he was forced to give up being a police officer and transitioned to long-term health care.  Mike has worked as an assistant administrator in skilled nursing, holds a license as an assisted living administrator, is a Certified Professional in Human Resources, and has been the administrator of an adult day health care center credentialed with the Department of Veteran Affairs.  He currently writes a blog about his life in the thin blue line, but his heart has always been to help others.

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